The Tibetan Hat (turk_diddler) wrote in ukbirding,
The Tibetan Hat

BGBW 2011

Must apologise UKbirding people, I've rather neglected this communty lately. It's been Big Garden Birdwatch weekend and that seems like as good a reason as any to wake this place up a bit. So let's hear your results.
These are mine:

Woodpigeon 2
Siskin 1
Blackbird 5
Magpie 2
Chaffinch 7
Dunnock 3
Collared Dove 6
Reed Bunting 2
Great Tit 2
House Sparrow 1
Goldfinch 4
Blue Tit 3
Greenfinch 5
Robin 2
Starling 1

Any no-shows? Oh for sure, the GSW will have to account for itself, so too the Bullfinches and Coal Tits and Long-tailed Tits too. I'd like to think wherever they'd gone they were being counted by the homeowners there instead of by me here.

How'd did everyone else do?
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