October Rust (fetchlight) wrote in ukbirding,
October Rust

Hey! Hope this is relevent enough.

Just looking for ideas here. I've got a major project for my uni course coming up soon. Devise study & report on a topic of my choice. I want to do an ecology/zoology survey-based one, because that is what I'm studying later on in my degree. Specificaly I want to do one on birds (possibly). I'm having trouble deciding what to do though.
Any ideas? Suggestions? resources with ideas or suggestions I could use? Doesn't have to be groundbreaking or even original, just has to be able to get me a nice wodge of data in the time allowed for field work - a week. And has to be on common and easily accessable species/habitat like blackbirds, pigeons, mallards, buzzards,hedge,gardens etc as I don't have a car or a lot of money (read:less than no money) and as I said I've only got a week to get data so one sighting of one bird miiiiles away isn't useful to me no matter how awesome a bird it may be...

Thanks in advance!
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