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UK Birding

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This is community for birdwatchers in the UK to share news, sightings, lists, photographs, tips, stories or anything else related to birding and British wildlife.
Ornithology newbies and birding enthusiasts from further afield both very welcome.

Our best bird links:

RSPB.org.uk - good for general education about the environment, decent ID rundown for most British birds including recordings of bird call.

Birdtrack.net - 'The online bird recording scheme to increase the
personal, local and national value of your sightings.'

BirdGuides.com - arguably the best site for catching up on the latest national and local rarities. Requires free registration, plus subscription charge to get the most out of it.

BirdForum.com - a large forum for British and international birding, a good place to discuss birding issues or ask questions.

Garden Birds.co.uk - top notch website for learning about British birds.

The Wildlife Trusts - general wildlife news, links, features, etc.

BBC Nature - the usual high standard of a BBC website, plenty of articles, educational resources, videos, screensavers, webcams, etc.

Local groups:

Carsington Bird Club websites - decent website from a distinctly inclusive local bird club based in Derbyshire.

Paxton-Pits.org.uk - expansive website about one of the best birding sites in Cambridgeshire.

Dorset Bird Club - active list of all locally rare birds.

Portland Bird Observatory

Christchurch Harbour Group - local group website, plenty sightings news, photographs and features.

King's Mill Birding

Anything missing? Suggest more links here.