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Semi-intro post

Hi, I've been watching this Community for a while, but not joined until now.

Some of you will know that I'm gipsy_dreamer's OH and like watching and encouraging birds into our garden.

Today I visited my dear old mum in her cottage in Suffolk (A lovely old house, which she and her husband have been restoring since shortly after they retired from work).

I was stunned by the variety of birds that visited their feeders over a short time. There were at least seven blue tits, two great tits, two chaffinches, a robin, a dunnock, a sparrow, some collared doves and five pheasants.

They also get woodpeckers, little owls, barn owls and partridges. I heard one of the little owls calling this afternoon. Mum even saw a barn owl on her bathroom window ledge a few days ago.

One funny thing happened. One of the sparrows was on the ground near the bottom of the feeder stand (which is in a small dip, thanks to the pheasants digging away at it) and it suddenly fell on it's side, rolled down into the dip, then got up again and started pecking away at the seed again. I swear it actually enjoyed doing it!

Oh, and serious *envy* - mum doesn't get *any* starlings at all, whereas we (with a tiny garden) get dozens which eat most of the food we put out.
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